I have a perfect driving record...No tickets no accidents not even a parking ticket in all the years I have driven...Plus I have driven in 48 states...I can tell you this..we all the dingdongs that drive in this world today.The last thing I would want to be doing is worrying about having my insurance raised for braking too hard or turning my wheel to fast.

When I drive I know what's happening all around me. I watch both sides and back and front and I am prepared for a last minute sudden escape at any given time I know where I'm going..Plus I try to keep clear of driving with cars all around me. I position myself on the freeway/road ways where I am riding side by side with the empty spaces next to me. The last thing I want to worry about is that *** plug in monitor.

I am and do escape and accident anyway I can and I drive as little as I can.What we need is a monitor for them...do they pay the claims quickly and fairly, are they polite and do they care about you as a living being and not some claim you just filed.....fair is fair......

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