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the nationwide insurance agent across from ashebrook high school in gastonia,nc have a certain rude employee named ??????? who is very rude to you if you complain about the rates going up even when you have been told they would go down,lies to you and basically very rude and a smart???,any time you talk to can go anywhere and get better coverage for less than you pay for there.they dont care at all about their customers ,no matter how long you been with them;;;;;; ADVICE TO FUTURE CUSTOMERS ;;;;;___-STAY AWAY___ ;;UNLESS YOU LIKE TO BE TREATED LIKE *** AND GET THE ROYAL SHAFT WHILE THEY CHARGE YOU FOR EXTRA INSURANCE YOU DONT NEED OR WANT

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It's illegal to charge you for insurance you don't want as long as you've told them to stop charging you. I can't say I believe you though because no insurance company is *** enough to force you to spend a few extra dollars on an extra feature because the state insurance commissioner would levy a fine so fast they wouldn't know what hit them.

And if they did actually force you then you need to contact your state insurance commissioner. I've been a happy nationwide customer for years and have NEVER had a problem! I know they put some special things in there like pet insurance at no extra charge. I thought it was weird since I don't own a pet so I asked them about it once.

I learned that it's basic with all their policies and even if it were removed it wouldn't lower my premium because it's for everyone. They also said that I don't have to own a pet to use it. it could be my family members pet if it were riding in the car with me for some reason. So there are extra's that they aren't charging you for and you are welcome to ignore that free coverage b/c your rate won't go down even if you could get rid of it...

If you ever have a claim on a coverage that you whined about and didn't want then just pretend you don't have it and don't file a claim. And also maybe they are snotty with you because you are whiny and unreasonable... I've worked in service before and I know there are just some people out there that want to complain. Your agent works for nationwide therefore they DON'T set the rates.

They just get to stand there and listen to you complain... It's not their fault. All they can do is try to remove or lower coverages to save you money but if you are at the bare minimum then there isn't anything they can do. I know it's frustrating and there probably is a cheaper company b/c insurance is very competitive.

Some places will be higher and some lower. That's just how it goes and I know your frustrated because money is not easy to come by. Even though I could save a little money somewhere else I know I would not be able to get the great claims service like I do with nationwide. You always have a choice so if your agent is a *** (because sometimes people are just jerks and shouldn't work with living customers) then try a different agent or even another company.

You are the one in control... remember that.

You have the power to take your business from that agent and they will then no longer receive their commission for your account... It might be time to look for a new company but it might also be time for you to calm down and don't have ridiculous expectations as though you are God and everyone must obey you.

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