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I had Natiowide Insurance (NW) when I was rear-ended by an UNinsured military driver while I was STOPPED at the end of a line of cars.I received a SERIOUS and PERMANENT back injury from the accident.

And NW kicked into high gear ~ in their attempt to CHEAT me out of coverage. First, they demanded I lie and claim my totalled car was a Honda civic not a Honda Accord or they would indefinately stall paying for my totalled car. Then they began to threaten and bully my doctor in regard to my treatment and his diagnosis. Then, when THEIR doctor confirmed the injury, they threatened HIM.

They hired a lawyer for the UI driver to abuse the Soldiers & Sailors Relief Act to get endless postponements claiming he was overseas when he was a couple miles away from the courthouse. They threatened to keep my $100,000 suit out of court forever if I didn't settle with them for $5000. (Then they would dump him and let me sue him). When I refusd they bragged they had coached him on how to shift his assets around and declare bankruptcy if I ever got him to court.

10 years later judge Nissel in Ho Co. MD declared NW in gross breach of contract and guilty of fraud. But thanks to sell-out lobbyists, they were bribed to never make a punishment for this so NW got away with it.

Nationwide is on THEIR OWN side, their client is the LAST person whose side they are on.Nationwide HQ in Ohio was alerted and said, "tough luck, we don't care."

Monetary Loss: $500.


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:( Your post about NW has merit!Thank you for your getting this information in the public eye.

What goes around comes around..sooner or later each person who lied and wronged their customers will have to face the Judge!I am sorry for your unfortunate experience with Nationwide.


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Please contact me with your information. maybe youd like to join me (see my posting, my babies were knocked unconscious by a similar 65 mph rear impact to our stationary vehicle sent airborne) and the drver cited on the scene after ADMITTING he hadnt been watching the road. ALL THIS clear and un-contested liability yet in FOUR YEARS (using POWELL LAW FIRM of Scranton PA) not a SINGLE OFFER and yes my wife sustained PERMANENT neck injury to her vertebrae!!

Class action suit needed along with some beefy media exposure (i'm a film maker) methinks!! Like to join??

Please email me and lets give NATIONWIDE a Christmas present from OUR SIDE!!!!


Rob T.

Near Scranton


Wyckoff, New Jersey, United States #13633

FYI: The injury I sustained was two dislocated vertebrae, pinching my spinal cord plus severly damaged muscles, ligaments, etc.that never got the proper treatment and have never healed.

On a pain scale of 1-10, it was a 12.Though I have gotten better to a point, I will always have a permanent partial disability.

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