Update by user Jul 11, 2015

The 6 months is complete as I was sent a new device and started the program all over. I consider myself as a very good driver but I was so many hard braking and quite a few fast accelerations.

This is necessary when getting on the toll road where speed limit is 65 to keep up with traffic. One day I was stuck in the lower pasture in mud and charged with 43 fast accelerations and about the same number of hard braking but did not even register a mile of driving. Bottom line....I got a 9% discount . I complained many times to them and the weekly reports always raised my blood pressure!

Was it worth the aggrivation? I say no.

Update by user Dec 02, 2014

The company finally got back with me and said that there was an issue with my vin number being the same as another person on the plan???? I sent back the unit and they have sent me a replacement that should be here in a few days.

I was taken off the program and then put back on with a clean slate. I will see how this goes for a while and then update.

Original review posted by user Nov 03, 2014

It has been 2.5 months since I switched my regular Nationwide policy to the new smartride policy where you can "save up to 30% more" based on your driving habits. I recently retired and spend most of my time at the farm now and drive the Tundra very little as there are 2 other vehicles at my disposal.

Since I plugged the smartride module in, they are showing me driving 2 to 4 hundred miles a week wish fast accelerations and hard braking incidents when the truck never left the garage. I have e-mailed them over 6 times and questioned weather someone else could have been driving it etc. I have told them that the garage is locked and alarmed and that I have been right here mowing grass and driving the tractor with the truck in sight while these trips have been supposedly taking place. I have a Rolls Royce car (which Nationwide will not insure) and my partner's new F150 (insured elseware) that I drive most of the time.

Even the 2nd week of September when we went to the beach house for 10 days and left the truck locked in the garage here they showed me driving long trips every day in the truck. Nationwide has not responded timely to my complaints. The last email from them over a month ago said they were trying to figure out where the inaccurate data was coming from. That was the last I heard.

I am ready to start looking around for insurance somewhere else but it is such a hassle changing as the city home and truck are tied together for a discount and when you change homeowners insurance they always send out an inspector to find something wrong.

This smartride has been nothing but an aggravation since I installed it. I am wondering if other people have had this same problem with the smartride and id this is Nationwide's way of not giving customers the discount.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Homeowners Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Slow customer service.

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A farmer that drives a Rolls Royce, and has a beach house ? Wow, I never heard of such a person.

All my relatives are Idaho farmers and they agree with me. I'm not the type to call someone a liar but ...


>has a rolls royce>tries to save a few cents with insuranceWhat??


I have been "charged" with hard braking, when I am on my own street.


Because the company claims that it will help, yet it hinders the policy holder. You get penalized for mileage that was not used.

You get penalized for idling, when you are using a remote start, and are not even in the car. Does that make sense?

The customer service people do not even know what to answer, when you ask them a question. I will be looking for another agency, poste haste.

Miller Place, New York, United States #1243029

Yea smartride is such a *** thing

Midlothian, Virginia, United States #1214302

I agree with all the comments posted here. This device is a joke.

The smart ride is installed in my wifes truck. Her driving record is perfect. How this device registers hard braking is unconprehinsible too us. She drives a bus for a living, she should be a Drivers Ed instructor.

I wonder if Nationwide makes their employees use this while driving company vehicles?


Just curious if you're a Pittsburg pa resident on the smartrride program, myself and my friend live in Mt Lebanon, we are nationwid auto insurance customer and we were denied acceptanc into the smart ride program. We were told that Pittsburg .

Pa doesn't participate in that pprogram.



Yes i had similar situation, also i had situation where i used smart ride on my 2000 ford expedition and i had very clean record amazing from what i was told.but then i sold the truck and purchased another vehicle same day,i was informed to do smart ride all over,but if you read the smart ride booklet it states you can transfer to another vehicle no problem,but nationwide smart ride told me i cant that i have to start over no such thing as transferring smart ride from one vehicle to the next,but today i was told i could of had it done,that i was misinformed by smart ride and they apologized soooo many times but yet did nothing to accommodate me,i got so pissed off that they are so unprofessional and do not take responsibility for there actions of misleading customers. They also try to charge me for a device that I have sent back 3 weeks ago that they never received.

I was told no problem it may gotten lost in mail,i said whatever it is i sent it out.and i was also informed that smart ride does not give you 10% off the top immediately, you have to run its data collection course and you then get discounts on next term of car insurance.

But it wont be a 10% minimum it can go low as 0% even with all this mistakes on data collected, yes it can affect your insurance. I think its useless, it another way to get you to do another term and another way to *** you.by the way if you smash up the device into tiny itty-bitty pieces and send it back to them with a note saying calculate this you mothrfukrs, you only pay $50 fee for damage device ,so i feel its worth it,im still considering it aswell.


It is a scam, would not recommend! Donald Metee is my agent at Nationwide. What a joke, my discount was 18% on my new truck and 21% on my wife's new car, total was $24.00.


I've yet to see anyone ask the right question. The experiences posted, however true they may be, are nonetheless anecdotal and subjective.

The question everyone should be asking is HOW Nationwide is arriving at your discount.

1. Does everyone start out with the same discount from which "points" are deducted with every infraction logged (hard braking, hard acceleration, etc)?

2. If so, how many "points" will each particular infraction cause to be deducted?


Is there a formula or algorithm by which Nationwide relies on to come up with the discounts?

Try asking Nationwide those questions and see how far you get. I've tried but Nationwide wants to remain peculiarly tight-lipped about SmartRide.

If Nationwide refuses to provide the proper transparency for its program, then its results are dubious at best. How do you know you weren't eligible for a larger discount?


I believe they have corrected those problems as I have had mine for three weeks now and it's pretty accurate so far. I have it on Three vehicles and I check it every day or so while logging my own personal information to compare with there's. So far so good.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1042835

Just installed the smart ride device on my SUV yesterday and after 10 miles of driving my car just stopped in the middle of the road and could not be restarted, i unplugged the device and tried starting the car after 5 minutes and it started, now the car has its check engine lights on.

Augusta, Georgia, United States #1030970

What a bloody whiner. Listen mate i drive a 6 speed 440HP SS Camaro and I register 40% weekly like clockwork. Get off the phone and or stop eyeballing the hotties around you and pay attention and you too can enjoy the 40% discount in your golden years, Cheers yank

to William #1031093

40% ??? I guess the car is never driven!

to William #1033311

Saw the company records and less than one percent of the people that use SmartRide gets a perfect 40% discount. So you are from the insurance company or work for the company that makes the devices right?

Or just full of ***. Which one are you?

Contact the department of insurance and you can obtain the records for yourself if you want to see the facts for yourself mate. "Cheers Yank"


Yes same here ' it has never worked right sense I plugged it in

to Anonymous #1005877

I will be sending mine back today!! Total bs I wouldn't try it!


I have problems with smartride since I plugged it in. I call or my agent calls them and there is alwas an excuse.

Because of this or that or because I did this or that. Never there fault. I will never use smartride again.

I'm almost ready to just take it out but I end the program in July. It's not worth the time or agervation.


The problem most people with Smart Ride experience is due to driving manual shift cars. When you push the clutch in the tachometer drops fast which signals a hard stop and when excellerating the same thing is happening. Really only is good for automatics

to Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, United States #1033301

I live 1 mile from work and put less than 20 miles per week on my car. My car is sort of broken and does not accelerate very well at all.

Its a 1997 toyota Rav4 manual transmission. My SmartRide weekly report said I had 11 hard brakes and 3 accelerations in one week. It can not be correct! I called nationwide customer service.

The guy I spoke to said, he just went to an extensive one week training course on the SmartRide device. I said great then can you answer this question please? How does this device actually monitor the acceleration and braking on my car. (keep in mind its a 1997 with a very old basic car computer that is not hooked up to my speedometer ect...

He said and I quote "I do not know the answer to your question sir" I said, so for an entire week long class nobody explained to you how the device actually works? He said, and I quote. "I can not give you that information. All I can do is take a message to email to my supervisor." I said c May I just please speak to your supervisor?

He said, no one is allowed to speak to a supervisor in the company. All communication must go through him to an email and there is no other way to communicate to a supervisor according to company policy. He called me back 3 days later and said, The device measures braking and acceleration through the cars RPM's. I said I have a stick shift and have to keep reving the motor cause it wont hold and idol plus everytime i push the clutch in it is showing a hard stop even though Its just me shifting normally.

So this device is going to read and rate me worst than a automatic transmission. Do they program these all the same or for each type of transmission. He said, "I do not know the answer to that sir" I said well if you actually did'nt spend 1 week at your training class getting coffee and taking hour long dumps and sitting with your thumb up your butt and asked educational questions to the educator then you would have a educated response to give me. Send a message to your supervisor via email (company policy) that I want you fired for being a ***.

He said, and I quote "I am not a mormon" I said *** not mormon.

So ya basically very poor company training, hiring, and technology for Nationwide. I as an open minded customer suffer for this and can't erase the false bad driving record they now have for me on a permanent file.

THANKS NATIONWIDE Always by my side.

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