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Not sure if its this specific location, but if you get in an accident with a Nationwide customer, get an attorney.They will compensate you with a small check maybe a couple hundred, the agent; Judith McCarthy who works from home, verbally agreed that the medical release form was just a starter that if any medical problems arose to certainly get it taken care of.

Lie. Also for an insurance company I guess they don't provide good auto insurance, because I had to reinstate my insurance provider, Geico, with liability and collision in order to get a rental for work. Reimbursement, no way! I own my vehicle out right, cancelled insurance while it was in the shop, was assured I'd be reimbursed and for a messily $100 dollars not happening.

A lot of money for me, for an insurance company, not so much.probably would have been no out of pocket expense for them to put insurance on the rental but did they?No, Nationwide IS NOT ON your side and certainly not those of others on the road.


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No insurance company in th country pays rental insurance on a rental car.That s YOUR responsibility.

The rental car companies REQUIRE that you comp and collision coverage before they will rent to you.If not, you pay it.

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Absolutely, I know its not gonna happen!But in New Hampshire if you own your title you are not required to have insurance....if I had no insurance when there customer was found at fault for the accident.....what I would not of gotten a rental.

Regardless of what's the 'norm' for insurance companies doesnkt mean we have to be satisfied with it.

This lady shoud have totalled the vehicle based on the book value, they're paying more money and aggravation trying to cut corners instead of just biting the bullet and satisfying the claim AND the victim in the accient.It may not be a valid priority howeveri have the time to compain about it, I did and they answered me back, so my blog may be funny to others but it looks like I'm not the only one who complains about industry inconsistencies.


So your upset that Nationwide did not give you thousands of dollars for no reason just because you were in an accident?? Then you wanted to be reimbursed for YOUR auto insurance premium payment?????? What is wrong with you people


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA You want an insurance company to pay for your rental insurance. Talk about unreasonable

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