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It has been one year since my house fire caused by faulty wiring in a section in the wall.Nationwide has offered 28k to fix my house (no fixing of the electrical that started the fire).

All contractors, city and everyone else besides nationwide says the house is totaled by the fire. Nationwide assessed the house at 208,900 before the fire and I had six additional riders on the policy. I'm suing Nationwide since they disagree with everyone and refuses to fix the fire damage on my house.

I'm currently looking at living in an rv or maybe an apartment.

Been living in hotels and other temporary places for the past year.

Imagine being homeless after a house fire because you have Nationwide premium coverage on your house.

Monetary Loss: $300.


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Wow, they are screwing me too.My home was totalt vandalized almost 3 years afo and Allied still has not been on my side.

They (like you) offered me $30k to sign off on a $300k repair.

Now almost 3 years later, I am having to sue (at my expense) to get them to fix my home that I have not been able to live in the entire time.Allied's hired guns (giant law firms)are trying to destroy my life.

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