I was recently in a car accident wherein the other driver (covered by Nationwide) ran a RED light and I couldn't avoid collision. Nationwide is offering 80/20 percent coverage even though I wasn't found at fault for the accident and the other driver received a traffic violation from the police at the scene of the accident for running a red light.

Later, Nationwide sent out a rep to complete an estimation of the damages to my vehicle and sent me a report quoting $276 of damage to my vehicle and suggesting that there was $2,000 of "previous" damage to my vehicle! How is this possible? How can they suggest that there was damage to my truck done previously without having ever seen my truck??

Long story short, because I only had liability coverage for my truck my insurance company won't cover the damages to my truck and because I have no proof that my truck was in perfect condition prior to the accident I have to take the settlement. Booo!


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