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On November 3 I was sitting at a light and got rear-ended. I carried full coverage.

It was found that the other driver didn't have insurance. Nationwide is giving me the runaround and refuses to fix my car until I pay my deductable. They claim it's because I don't carry uninsured motorist insurance. I already pay alot for full coverage.

They claim if I come up with the $1000 they will than go after the driver of the other vehicle that hit me. If that's the case than why can't they just go after her now for the full amount of my repairs. They have not done any of the footwork, I have!! Maybe I should be getting paid for doing their job.

If it was my fault then I could understand me paying but how could I have avoided getting hit from behind.

The damage to my car is the bumper, rear light and my trunk. I have to deal with it popping up every speed bump.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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We have been evacuated due to the catastrophic Carr Fire. Nationwide had a table at the local college.

We went out there and the people were helpful, opened a claim, told us what to do and cut a check for incidentals while evacuated. All good so far. But we called our agent to make sure and were informed if expenses do not exceed deductible, then you have to pay it back and if expenses do exceed deductible and you use any of that money, your rates WILL GO UP. Why have insurance then?

Do rates go up every time one uses medical, dental or vision insurance? My friend had All State and they too were given a check and told the monies are totally separate from their deductible and they will not have to pay back.

Our agent told us insurance should not be used EVER unless you sustain total loss. Nationwide is NOT on your side.


I worked for a large Co. That had nationwide as a Co insurer. Let me say they were less than on your side and they were quite unprofessional.I would never recommend NationWide to any one.As a vetran,I would recommend USSA insurance .Nationwide was no moral compass, I would hope they would go bankrupt as soon as possible.

Antioch, California, United States #906306

Nationwide did not advocate for me in an accident I know was not my fault. They raised my rate for insrance from 658.00 every 6 months to 1200.00.

I was with this company for over 6 years and the damage was very minimal and occurred in a parking lot with a controlled speed limit. The other driver was speeding. I took pictures of the skid marks from the other vehicle and really felt abandoned by nationwide. They didn't even try to investigate my stance.

I will never recommend this company to anyone.


I have claims reps that do not call you back, ever, after repeated messages to them, and I have a claims rep that lied to my face and was caught. Told me she left me a message regarding an arbitration hearing , but no, no message was ever left.

I had to call again repeatedly and hunt down the right person , department to find out they lost my arbitration hearing. Apparently they don't like to call you with bad news, and then lie that they did call you. Shameful.

No more Nationwide.


Here's something you mite like to see.

On Your Side Adjusters, Inc.

is filing an injunction to take away Nationwide's rights to use the term "On Your Side" as their slogan. They are attempting to prove that Nationwide's statement/slogan is hundreds of million of dollars worth of years of false and deceptive advertising based on the contradictory verbiage detailed in Nationwide's standard insurance contract where it shows a contract that clearly has "Two Sides", one side "Which Is The Insured" and one side "Which Is Nationwide" thus proving that they are in fact on opposite sides of the people they are falsely claiming to be "On Your Side" of.

On Your Side Adjusters, Inc. is "descriptively" on the side of the insured as it is detailed in their name, their contract with the insured, and as defined by the conditions of their license, as issued by the state.

Nationwide however is not licensed to represent the insured's interest, nor do they work on behalf "On The Side" of the insured.

By legal definition, what Nationwide is doing here is false and deceptive advertising based on the fact that they are misrepresenting themselves and deceiving the public in an attempt to confuse and persuade people into a false trust before getting them to sign a legally binding contract. This is being done with massive, multi million dollar marketing campaigns with the intentions of persuading such people into purchasing and signing a insurance contract that puts Nationwide on the opposite side of the person who signs such contract, this action clearly and absolutely contradicts Nationwide's "On Your Side" claim and for that reason On Your Side Adjusters, Inc. feels that their injunction against Nationwide should be granted.

DEFINITION OF FALSE ADVERTISING: Advertisements that contain representations that are false, misleading, or deceptive are illegal under state and federal laws. To be found guilty of false advertising, it must be shown that the advertisement was deceptive in nature.


Your best option us to take her to small claims court for repayment of damages,and tell your insurance not to bother.


everyone needs to review there coverage with there agent "full coverage" really only applies as to comp,collision liability is insurance that only covers the other party neither promises uI/um unless selected your agent should go over your policy to make sure u understand ur options. I have always had shelter since i was 16 never had a problem try them out.


You should meet with your agent and find out why you thought you had "full coverage" when in fact you did not. if you had uninsured motorist coverage your deductible would not apply.


You're lucky they offered you that. You didnt carry unisured motorist coverage.

That means......if yoy get hit by an uninsured motorist then you have not been paying for unisured motorist protection.... Then you, NOT NATIONWIDE ARE RESPONSIBLE.

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