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I have been enrolled with Nationwide Ins.Auto and Home policies.

This past May 23rd 2016 I met with and accident ( not at fault) . My car was an expensive one and I had a full coverage policy with extra cost of "New Car Replacement, PLUS". Nationwide refuse to reimburse me the right value of the car. They offer me the same amount of money as the other party's Ins.

had offered . My car was purchased cash . Nationwide is not a reliable company and I am forced to hire a lawyer at Nationwide cost including court cost. My name is Ghislaine Hylton and my car was a TOYOTA HIGHLANDER LIMITED 2013 with only 13,900 miles.

If Nationwide cannot meet their responsibility I will call Better Business Bureau and FOX FIVE to make my case public.

To date, I am without transportation.How do you like that.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. ghishylton stated that there is a room for improvement of i am desapointed with nationwide. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of nationwide mutual insurance auto claim and associated monetary loss in the amount of $43000. Nationwide Mutual Insurance needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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You also have the right to get your state's board of Commerce and Insurance involved. Hope this helps. Just pass it along to everybody you know who is being screwed by them.

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You are confused.Your insurance covers when you are at fault.

In this case the at fault drivers insurance is responsible.You should complain about that company.

to Anonymous #1207743

No, either insurance company is responsible.Yours or the at-fault party's.

Your company is contracted to defend you. The other party's carrier is contracted to defend them.

I advise my customers to seek retribution from the at-fault carrier first, but if they're not satisfied with the outcome, their own company will gladly step in and subrogate against the at-fault carrier. Of course, the customer will be responsible for their deductible, but that will also be subrogated.

This customer may have over paid for his vehicle. Insurance companies are only responsible for the actual cash value of the vehicle, not what is paid for it or what a customer thinks it is worth.

They will go by a combination of NADA, Business version, Kelly Blue Book and local dealership's input.They pay hundreds of thousands of claims a week and have a very clear picture of a vehicle's value.

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