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To anyone with Nationwide Insurance:

Beware when filing a claim with Nationwide or affiliates listed above. They use a computer based program to evaluate your automobile's value. That program is called CCC Valuescope. Nationwide is not on your side and they will definately take your ride.I would not encourage anyone to do business with NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANIES. I have been a victim of their bad faith practices and had to repair my own vehicle, which they said was a total loss. Read link below:


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Monetary Loss: $4925.


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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1145857

Had my issues with Nationwide too.Loyal customer fir over 10 years.

Yes had very good rates until first claim.

They paid an uninsured motorist a $1000.00 for a car not even valued a $1000.00 while the adjuster never looked at my car.I changed insurance companies and they still charged me with the next months premium, telling me to provide written proof, which is still unresolved in credut report.


CCC's whole pitch to insurers is that they can save the insurance companies money because their (CCC's) valuations are more accurate because CCC has such great databases of information.What they're really selling is intentionally biased low valuations.

So, Nationwide is quick to declare the car a total loss, then use the CCC report as their excuse for paying lower amounts. It's institutionalized fraud and shouldn't be legal. Nationwide just delays as much as possible and will keep changing their explanations hoping to wear you down until you settle. Save time and stress.

Get a lawyer immediately if you're dealing with them.

I'm 7 months into it but I'm not taking their pathetic offer.:(


they burned my family alive ,evil doers will not succeed forever ,they mutilated our policy after the accident changing important information in order to reduce coverage charging that they have been provided false information ,even though they are required by law to double check that information from two different independent sources ,history will not be on there side.


Most insurance companies use CCC products.The consumer is "Not in Good Hands" and "Not like a Good Neighbor".

They will use their reports to delay and deny to pay for the actual cash value.Everyone thinks they have good insurance until they need it.


Their value scope printouts are full of usless facts to throw you off what they are doing.They are designed to mislead you with a preponderance of official sounding BS.

My son a few years ago and now my wife are finding their values aproximately $2,000 below any reasonable comps in the area. It apears that they take only the lowest comps that they can find and exclude others. They rate your cars condition low and they deduct 2,000 from the price of any comparables to get a 'take' as opposed to an asking price. This automatic deduction asumes every 'for sale by owner' or other car is in show room condition and that everyone is asking 2,000 more than they will take.

They assume those with the lowest prices are willing to take another 2,000 off to make the sale. Perhaps those asking the higher amounts (the ones they don't use in their evaluations) will come off the price some but to automatically take 2,000 off the most discounted prices that they can find and say it is fair to assume the price will be 2,000 lower than that is outrageous. Yes, you can argue, prestnt your comps and the like. They will move a hundred or so but they will still give you much less than it will cost for an equal replacement and cost you a lot of time.

This bad faith should not just be civil penalty for those few that can persue it. It should be criminal and gone after by the government. The fact that they can get by with it shows the levels of coruption that we are slipping into in this country. This coruption costs us all and will choke our economy to death.

We are not geting what we pay for with this type of insurance practice.We are being cheated and robbed.


Nationwide is the hardest company to deal with I have encountered. sons car was totaled by a nationwide driver and they wont even return our calls about a claim. avoid them and if you have an accident with a Nationwide policy holder you best call a lawyer,

to thefairlaneman@yahoo.com Candler, North Carolina, United States #1176080



Finally received a check from Nationwide to cover all expenses for the repair of my car on Nov.12,2009. I hope I never have to file another claim against a Nationwide insured driver! What a freaking NIGHTMARE!

to jahem1960@gmail.com #1145860

I am surprised, in my case they took care of an uninsured motorist and left me, the policy holder, high and dry..


My wife and kids are also victims of Nationwide's BAD FAITH and would like to join others around the country to start a class action suit against them. If anyone has similar bad faith experiences with Nationwide Car Insurance please email me at:




Rob T.


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