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I have been a customer of Nationwide Ins for both home and vehicles for 19 years with only two minor claims.My roof received hail damage this past summer and when I realized the damage and made my claim they failed to honor it.

They never sent an adjuster out, and after 21 day denied the claim saying that I did not make it within their 6 month period, even though by my own Nationwide agent agreed that I did make claim in timely manner.After making the original claim they gave me a constant runaround, now have a lawyer!

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I'm in between 3 houses that other insurance companies paid for hail damage. Nationwide sent a "HAAG certified" inspector...but no Nationwide rep. Inspector said roof was in "good conditon." Three months later, Nationwide refuses to continue my coverage until I "fix my roof!"


If you could please refer to your actual homeowners policy you would see that under "property conditions" it does state that it is your obligation as a policy holder to alert Nationwide or your Agent of hail damage within 6 months. Without doing that, your claim can be denied.


I have had Nationwide Insurance since 1951.Paid premiums on 3 cars, a truck, two houses, travel trailer & boat.

When one of my houses was hit by hail and next door houses on each side had shingles replaced by their insurance company, Nationwide send a forensic engineer to inspect my house. He said all the metal vents, flashing, and boots were dented from hail, but denied shingle damage.

Nationwide refused to pay my claim.A roof contractor said Nationwide was the worse insurance company to admit hail damage and pay a claim.

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