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Hi have had Nationwide for over 10 years, never a claim, wife had accident on may 24th of 2010, 1 day medical bills at hospital total $13,000, all billers were notified on may 24 of nationwide being the Ins comp.

Started recieving calls on the phone 30 days later demanding that i pay the bills, notified nationwide of calls they said they would take care of it, it continued the calls, i then took the bills directly to 70 west michigan suite 400 their adjusters office on 2 different times. When thru 3 differnet adjusters what i joke they are. I must have spent 20+ hrs on the phone with these worthless people.

In March of 2011 they finally paid all the medical bills off.

Then i called Nationwide to cancel my policies house, car, truck, motorcycle etc. with them on june 2011, the guy on the phone says yup you are all set you owe us nothing as of june 16th 2011 & we are all set, then 2wks later i get a letter in the mail saying that i owe them 106$ for a short term on my motorcycle ins.

I called them several times, about the bill they say pay or we will damage your credit rating.

Oh Oh & the new ins comp. USAA (saved me 100 plus$) that i have now told me, that according to there info I had the car accident & not the wife NICE !I wonder who put that info in the system HUM ? I now wonder how that will affect my commerical drivers lic. cda-a with indorsements

OH & yeh nationwide is on their side screw the little guy!

Monetary Loss: $106.

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It is common for a policy such as a motorcycle policy to be "short-rated" instead of "pro-rated" if you cancel. The details on this would have been in your original policy.

But basically if you cancel for a reason other than selling your motorcycle or it being a total loss, usually if it's in the first half of the policy year, you will still owe a portion of the premium beyond the pro-rated amount for the days of coverage you had.

However the bad claims service is not okay.

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