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NATIONWIDE HOME WARRANTY is the worst home warranty company I have ever had. I paid the yearly premium just to find out eight months later when I needed it, the company would do anything to keep from paying my claim.

My water heater was 25 years old, and they denied my claim because I did not have maintenance records. What maintenance records do you have for a water heater.

Customer service is horrible, will not let you speak with supervisor. Did not return calls or email.

Denied many other people claims due to not having maintenance records for three or more years. READ BBB COMPLAINTS "BEWARE"

Monetary Loss: $700.


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I agree.My heat pump failed, I called Nationwide which at the time I had for about 7 months without any claims, they were slow to respond, so then I called my own repair man being I was w/out heat and the temp.

outside was in the 30's.

My repairman fixed the heater but said it was a bandaid and the heater had to be replaced soon.Two weeks later it failed again, called Nationwide and they said they wouldn't do anything since previously I used my own repair man and I had to go back to him.

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