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Please email me your experience and contact information if you also have recent (or up to 3 years ago if not already filed) bad faith experience with Nationwide Insurance. I am organizing a massive class action suit against them for .. BASICALLY FRAUD!! Its funny how if we try and scam an INSURANCE CO out of money its called INSURANCE FRAUD.. yet if THEY SCAM US.. THE CONSUMER..its 'Bad Faith'!! What a CROCK!!

Send your bad faith / bad and ongoing case claims experiences and your contact info to me (cases not yet signed off on of course) to:

Many thanks

Rob T.


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I my self a nationwide policy holder and was hit by a nation wide policy holder have 2013 focus lost 3,000 in diminished value car was repaired but fixing have it rechecked cause thier body shop was caught in fraud I'm still fighting my own insurance for value lose and steering problems with my car to day 4/27/16 is last chance to make it right or I go to nc insurance commission and court not counting i have bodily injury from red light runner thank got goodness their was a witness behind him saw the whole thing


Hey I'm having a real bad time with nationwide right now. My back was broken in a rear end accident.

The guy who hit me had very litttle insurance.

Nationwide my insurance is paying for his lawyers so as not have to pay the different. They treated me like a criminal in depositions.


I was hit from behind while stopped at a light by a woman who never looked up from her cell phone. This was five and a half years ago and I sustained herniated discs in my neck and back.

I have had two neck sugeries so far, take multiple medications daily, have chronic pain, have lost my job, and received nothing from Nationwide on my 1.3 million dollar UIM policy. My economic losses have been calculated to be over 3 million lifetime. Their attorney told me at mediation, after offering $25,000 that I had "soft tissue injury and never should have had surgery", and would never get a dime from a jury in South Carolina.

I am a physician and have practiced pain management for over 20 years here, and the treating physicians are colleagues, friends and respected doctors who are willing to testify that they have never seen anything like the way I have been treated by Nationwide or Mass Mutual, who has also refused to pay my own-occupation private disability policy with partial disability rider under the terms of the policy. I plan on suing both for bad faith.


I am being harassed by Nationwide on vandalism claim at my home. They refuse to pay to fix the damages and this has been going on for over two years.


Because every bad deed deserves exposure so the consumer can make an informed decision .

From the Legal Case Files:

Drivers Sue Insurer, Claim Fraud

by Jane Hadley, P-I Reporter

March 19 1999

An auto insurance company secretly collected money from an uninsured woman while refusing to pay the insured man she hit, a lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court alleges.

The company allegedly told the woman, who was living “paycheck to paycheck,” that if she didn’t make monthly payments, her license would be taken away.

Both the woman, Lisa Hall, 29, of Tacoma and the man, Jeff Barreca, 47, a Seattle accountant, are suing Nationwide Insurance.

Nationwide’s handling of Barreca’s accident claim was both shocking and illegal, said Denis Stearns, Barreca’s attorney.

Stearns hopes to have the lawsuit certified as a class action, which would allow him to sue on behalf of others around the country who have been treated the same way.

A spokesman at Nationwide headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, declined comment, as did the Washington Insurance Commissioner’s Office.

According to court documents, in October 1996, Hall ran a red light and plowed into Barreca’s truck at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Union Street in Seattle. His truck was destroyed, and he suffered neck and back injuries. In subsequent months, Barreca was treated by his own doctor, a chiropractor and a physical therapist.

Barreca was insured by Nationwide, and the lawsuit says Nationwide paid him $1,723 for his truck after subtracting his $100 deductible. The company also paid $5,139 directly to his doctors.

But when Barreca asked the company for other compensation to which he was entitled, such as lost wages, pain and suffering and out-of-pocket costs, the company dragged its feet, the suit said.

In the meantime, Nationwide told Hall that her insurance company had paid Barreca $1,823 and that unless she agreed to reimburse Nationwide, her license would be taken away, the suit said. The company later told her it had paid Barreca’s doctors and that she owed them for that as well.

Hall was told her license would not be suspended as long as she continued to make $50 monthly payments to Nationwide, the suit said.

Seven months after the accident, Barreca sued Hall as a way to force Nationwide’s hand, Stearns said. Hall did not respond to that suit, and the court awarded a default judgement to Barreca. Stearns said Hall did not respond because she thought she had settled the suit by making payments to Nationwide. Judge Donald Haley ruled Barreca’s damages came to $100,000, noting that after the accident, he “continues to be unable to do all his normal activities and job duties” and that his personal relationships also have suffered.

Once the judgment was entered, it was noted on Hall’s credit record and, as required by law, notice was sent to the state Department of Licensing, which then told Hall her license would be suspended if she did not pay off the $100,000 judgment.

Stearns said Hall called him in tears not long after, “asking me, over and over, again, why she was about to lose her driver’s license when she’d been sending Nationwide $50 every month just as she’d promised.”

That was the first Barreca and Stearns knew of Hall’s payments to Nationwide.

The suit contends Nationwide was guilty of fraud and violated the Consumer Protection Act when it falsely told Hall the company had paid Barreca $1,823 and when it told her her license wouldn’t be taken away as long as she made payments.

The suit says the company, under the language of its own policy as well as under state insurance regulations, was obligated to settle Barreca’s claim fully before taking any money from Hall.


This all started when i canceled a motorcycle policy with nationwide and was told it was canceled but i really was not. after a refund check and one over the phone payment and a check sent in things spiraled out of control and as of yesterday 12/14/2010 i found out i have not had Auto insurance. the way i found out was by calling nationwide and reporting damage to my car done by a tow truck company where my car fell off of there tow truck while being towed and thats when they told me i didn't have insurance through them.

I assured Nationwide that i never got a letter of cancelation and they told me the last payment i sent in they put that towards a past due balance of my motorcycle insurance that a canceled a month prior to that and that it was there mistake. and they also had a incorrect house number in there system and that may have been why i never received notice of cancelation. after spending all the phone with nationwide(12/15/10) and having two underwriters in the company review my claim to re instate my policy and having confirm that they make a couple billing mistakes they said regardless its been more then a month since iv had active insurance so they would have to re write my policy from scratch and since i haven't had insurance in the last month my monthly premium would go into a high risk category and i would pay more then 3 times my monthly premium even though this whole thing started with there mistake.

Me and my family have had insurance with Nationwide since 1994 and I have multiple polices with them and i have perfect credit with absolutely no history of missing payments with not only my insurance but with my car payments/ house payments/ credit cards etc...

This is Nationwide's fault and they admitted miss cues in the billing department and admitted that they had two addresses (one just being a wrong number as my house number) in there system and that may be why i didn't receive a notice of cancelation on my insurance and that i never denied payment to them for insurance with years and years of good payment history but STILL they refuse to re-instate my insurance so i wont have to get a new policy and pay over 3 times the amount i was before for Auto insurance.

Meanwhile my car in at a mechanics shop and I dont have insurance for a car i have a loan through my credit union for (they are aware of situation as of 12/15/10) and i use this car as a daily driver to and from work and now i cannot use this car.

This really is a series of billing miss queues and mistakes on nationwide's part and after spending all day on the phone with them there underwriters basically admitted fault to billing and address mistakes but say bottom line is its been more then 30 days so there is nothing they can do even though they failed in every way to notify me of my canceled policy in which i would have gladly called way back in November to get resolved then.

Please contact me As soon as you can, thank you.


The Agent did not want to comply with the Nationwide Code of Etics which was rule number Rule #7 Comply: At all times with the letter of intent of the law and insurance regulations.


I am filing a complaint about Nationwide Insurance Company through the Department of Insurance regarding issues revolving around this matter and the actions of a Nationwide Insurance agent/agency. The agent took funds that were supposed to be applied to new auto insurance policies during the period of October 2005-May 3, 2007, and did not apply those funds to any auto insurance policy, but kept the same. In May 2007, auto insurance policies were finally written, but none of the previous funds were applied once the policies were written. Only with money paid after May 2007 was used on these insurance policies. It is estimated that about $4,000-$5,000 was kept by this agency and not applied at any time.

The insurance policies issued by the Nationwide Agent in May 2007 covered Cadillac Eldorado and a Mazda B2200 Pick-up truck and the latter vehicle being in my trust.

Prior to October 2005, the insurance was with another agent/agency State Farm insurance and another insurance company State Farm. These vehicles and a third party had to be insured with State Farm in the 2005-2007 period because the Nationwide Agent did not apply funds to insure same vehicles through Nationwide.

In addition when I the Durable Power of Attorney went to the Nationwide Agent on May 3, 2007 for my grandmother to file a copy of the DPOA papers, the agent and her son physically and verbally attacked me without provocation. The agent did not want to recognize the DPOA, because of the failure to apply funds to any insurance policy.

After my compliant was made to Nationwide about the issues, either Nationwide or the agent cancelled the policy, possibly in retaliation. I believed that the Nationwide Company received any stop order from the DPOA or interested person


yes i am have a very bad experiance with them right now low balling the value of my i am going to have to sue the party thathit me my truck was worth at least 3000.this ccc valuation co. is a big joke

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