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I was rear-ended by one of their insured. The lying *** told his company I turned right from the center lane OF A ONE LANE ROAD and I didn't use my turn signal (I don't know how he would know having seen him not paying attention as I glanced in my rear-view mirror).

The police report ruled that he was following to closely to brake in time. State Farm has found them at 100% liability. Nationwide is finding ME at fault and backs this fantastical tale with not even a snicker at how ridiculous it is. I know this doesn't mean a lot, but I am a very honest person and will admit fault.

I am a former Marine and I keep my honor clean. A 3531 Motor Transport Operator, at that. I can say with absolute confidence: I did nothing wrong, whatsoever. Its obvious by everyone involved, but their slimeball client, that they are in the wrong.

The claim is going into arbitration right now. This has already taken two months to do a simple Google Maps search to see they are backing a transparent liar and I can't imagine they even pulled the police report. My point of contact at Nationwide barely answers his calls and has the bedside manner of frat boy with depression. Note to Nationwide: depending on the arbitration results, I will be taking you to court and I WILL win and do my best to sue for court costs, too.

So, keep playing games.

You will not win this. I only bring this up because this seems to be an issue with your company at large and wonder how much your willing to risk by holding no integrity.

Review about: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Poor business ethics.

Preferred solution: Reevaluation of business model.

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Nationwide has their own deduction for mileage on a vehicle which is 125% more than the Nada book, 4500 deduction on a 2013 370Z. Nada was like 1800!

Crooks for sure!

Nationwide is on their own side ! Not the consumer


This man is telling the truth. If you are a Nationwide consumer.

Run as fast you can. They are just a bunch of crooks


Be better off to just take the person who rear ended you to court. Suing Nationwide, would be very difficult, it is unfortunate that the *** who hit you lied.

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