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AFTER 4 FINE YEARS AS A LOYAL CUSTOMER TO NATIONWIDE INSURANCE....they arbitrarily raise my rates. I am the best driver that I personally know of.

Driving for 47 years, I have no safety related citations, for TEN LONG YEARS. I drive my car about 2,000 miles per year. That's NOTHING. I have had no claims : ZERO What is with these people ?

I am 66 years old !!!! I live on nothing !!!!! They should be working hard to keep a solid customer, like me !!!!!! What are these people thinking ?

Are they crazy ? I have cost these people ZERO in claims. In 47 years, not one accident have I caused !!!!

I don't want to pay their crappy rate raises !!! ' This is absolute, and total nonsense.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I liked: Service quality, Agents are friendly.

I didn't like: Arbitrary rate increase for no reason whatever, I am desapointed with nationwide.

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Grove, Oklahoma, United States #1278465

Thanks to PISSEDCONSUMER for reminding me that I had

an update to give.

Well, after receiving the most ignorant, ***,

and deeply flawed responses from two jerks

who actually see themselves, apparently, as

"advisors ", trying to tell a 67 year old man with two doctorates, how and why insurance companies raise rates, and making themselves look terribly silly, and sophomoric. I received an INVOICE....

stunningly, informing me, that I owe them a FINAL MONTH !!!!!!!! Can you believe the nerve of these people ??

Just thought you should know that there is no end to the greed to this firm. HES


You do understand that rates are based on ALL drivers, not just you, right? It's just like groceries, prices go up.

Cars cost more, repairs cost more, medical costs have increased, law suits are rampant.

You get discounts for your driving record and length of time with the company, but you also get charged when prices go up and too many people have too many claims. That's how insurance works.

to Anonymous Grove, Oklahoma, United States #1270719

Take your valium, and go back to bed. Perhaps when

you wake up in a couple of years, you will have

something to say that is worth 2 cents.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1263420

Insurance rates are based on many factors. Take a look at your statement and see what discounts they are giving you, eg., senior citizen; credit score; driving record, etc.

I have never thought of Nationwide as a very good insurance company as their rates always seemed ok, but I questioned their customer service abilities. In your case, you had best start shopping around to find another company. I would advise you go to a local agent from a company like AAA which has many, many discounts or State Farm, etc. The companies that insure nationally and have few, if any local agents can be disappointing when/if you actually need to submit a claim.

After all these years with Nationwide, it seems a change is in order.

They apparently don't want your business---or figure you will just pay the new rates without question. Good luck.

to h.kitchener Grove, Oklahoma, United States #1276408

I don't need your advice, either, Lord Kitchener.

Where were you when you allowed your

*** beaurocrats kill those ANZAC soldiers ?

So, what good is your lousy advice ?

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